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Our All-in-One-Solution. Across all media and ready-to-use.

& Listening


Everything you need to know now. And what’s next.

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Measure success. And capture insights for strategy and content.

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Personal advice from our dedicated industry experts.



Listening & Analytics Platform


Enjoy full flexibility with our most comprehensive tool


Our platform extracts data from more than 460 million sources including online, social channels, print and broadcast. You can set up personalized dashboards with just a few clicks, identify key conversations and trends and get relevant insights to make smarter decisions.


Our platform delivers:

  • Key analytics such as reach, engagement or sentiment in real-time
  • Key influencers by topic and influence paths across media channels
  • Virality analysis for all types of media
  • An intuitive interface and high-impact visualization






Media Database & Content Distribution


Getting your story in front of people who matter most


Reaching journalists, analysts, and influencers means nothing if they're not the right ones. Our platform includes more than 800k media contacts from around the globe. With quick and easy automated distribution of messages, content and stories.


We help communication professionals continuously improve media and influencer relations for maximum performance.


What you get

  • Precise, targeted approach – for quality and accuracy in capturing opportunities through analysis of current and important conversations
  • Quick and easy smart-automated distribution of messages, content and stories
  • Integrated digital ecosystem – through our suite of media and data intelligence solutions





Monitoring & Listening


Social Listening


Listen to real conversations from your target audience and stakeholders


See all relevant and most engaging posts from owned and earned media and the most important KPIs on reach, virality and engagement. Unlock smart insights to measure, sharpen and improve communications to maximize your outcome. UNICEPTA Social Listening helps you to get an instant view of the social buzz around your company, brand and influencers.


What you get:

  • Tool-based social media listening with state-of-the-art visualizations and real-time KPI measurements
  • Automated and continuous monitoring
  • Alerts allow early indication of relevant contributions






Alerting & Weak Signal Detection


A reliable radar for your proactive reputation and issue management


Structured monitoring of what is happening around you is key when it comes to rapidly changing situations or crisis, while systematic analysis of public debates represents the cornerstone of sustainable and consistent stakeholder and issue management. It reduces uncertainty, anticipates risks and identifies opportunities.


We listen to relevant conversations across all media and markets, and provide you with alerts on news and weak signals immediately after publication.


With the power of AI-driven crawling technology and teams specialized in customers and industries, we prioritize and structure the news flow.






Curated Media Review


Start your day well-informed: Get insight into how well your communications have reached your desired audiences, and what you can do next


With AI-powered crawling technology, UNICEPTA captures relevant content from 460m global media sources: news agencies, print, online, broadcast and social media, national, local, trade and consumer outlets.


The expertise of our researchers and computer linguists makes all the difference. Set-up in dedicated industry teams, they validate, select and categorize the information for your relevant issues. Across the globe, 24/7/365.


Each day, UNICEPTA delivers countless media reviews to leading companies around the world. Let’s find out how we can support you.






Editorial Services


High-level summaries delivering you the full picture at a glance


Your information – short, concise and to the point. Our multi-lingual cross-media editorial summaries are compiled and written by experienced senior editors from dedicated industry teams.


Regardless of whether they are meant for a broad group of readers or for briefing the executive board – we provide a punctual, high-quality overview of the day’s top stories. And in addition to the most important reports about your company, our summaries detail developments concerning the market and competition as well as sociopolitical headlines concisely.


The advantages of our editorial services

  • Management summaries that can be presented directly to the executive board
  • Easy-to-read media overviews, suitable for a broad group of readers
  • Cross-media, international set of sources
  • In line with your corporate voice





Analytics & Insights


Key Performance Metrics


Concise, fast and groundbreaking: performance analysis for tactical decisions


Measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of your own outcomes can be a time-consuming endeavor. Our Performance Report puts an end to this - and provides you with the most important KPIs quickly and conveniently.


This allows youo to base tactical decisions on data-driven insights, and enables you to easily present your communications successes to internal stakeholders.


You will receive:

  • Reporting within two working days of the end of the month
  • All relevant performance KPIs at a glance
  • Quarterly, monthly, weekly or ad-hoc reporting
  • Personal consultation with your Customer Success Manager






Advanced Reputation Analysis


A seismograph for your reputation — objective and focused


UNICEPTA uses a combination of experienced human analysts alongside advanced technology to assess media content across a range of key parameters. Our advanced reputation analysis provides you with strategic and tactical insights into proactive media performance, the key topics and issues driving both your own and your competitor's coverage and the competitive landscape to unveil opportunities and threats.


With high quality insights and commentary, our media analysis reports resonate at C-suite level. Our analysis experts provide key recommendations and strategic advice where required.


Together we analyze:

  • How your company, brands and products are perceived by the public
  • How messages resonate across mainstream and social media
  • How effective your campaigns are
  • How your competitors perform
  • What you can learn from others






Topic Deep Dives & Strategic Insights


Valuable insights for all levels of successful communication management


Smart positioning of a company, a brand or a product requires an understanding of trends in public debate. We identify topic drivers, key stakeholders, and recommend the next most important steps for your business. We work with you to determine who is currently shaping the discussion, what messages are resonating and the best approach for reacting to unexpected media trends at short notice.


Our topic analysis provides insight into meeting these challenges. We deliver valuable information and consult on assessing communications and positioning issues, even at short notice, for the most success.


Together we analyze:

  • Development of megatopics and their impact on your communication goals
  • Messages, drivers, argument patterns and players
  • Benchmarking against competitors and peers
  • Relevance of the topic and recommendations for action





Guidance & Consultancy


Strategic Advice and Consulting


Not only 'What' and 'How' - but also 'Why' and 'What's Next'


Monitoring and analyzing data is only one side of the coin. The other is the classification and interpretation of the results obtained and establishing what conclusions can be drawn, what measures can be derived, and importantly what is likely to come next.


Answering these questions is the daily business of our analysts, news and data consultants. They have in-depth industry knowledge and many years of experience. Working closely with you, they ensure that the right conclusions can be drawn from the insights. Shall we tackle your challenges together?